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There are few musicians who can boast a CV better than Ron Tutt, he has backed many of the biggest names in music, most notably, none other than Elvis Presley, he has backed Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Glenn Campbell, The Jerry Garcia band, and of course Neil Diamond, with whom he is still playing alongside to this day.

Ron Tutt auditioned for Elvis TCB band, (Taking Care of Business) via recommendation from TCB keyboardist Larry Muhoberac, Tutt’s drumming incorporated cues from Presley’s stage moves during the audition, Presley liked what he heard, and Tutt was thereafter a permanent member of the TCB Band, where he participated in concert tours and recording sessions until Elvis untimely death in 1977.

After the TCB band disbanded following Elvis' death, and a number of years touring with Jerry Garcia’s band, Legion of Mary, Ronnie was invited by Neil Diamond to become his permanent concert and recording session drummer.

Ron lives in Nashville with his wife and considerable family, where his grown up children seem to live in many of the towns Neil tours in.

Having worked with many legendary singers, Ron states, if I had to narrow it down, the two greatest musical influences on my life would be Elvis Presley and Neil Diamond.

Elvis for the flashy and explosive and slightly out of control style of playing that he brought out in me that mirrored his performance and personality.

Neil Diamond has influenced me to be a disciplined team player, he leaves little to chance. He makes sure we are all well rehearsed and fundamentally prepared, we know we are going to win every time we go on stage, just like a great sports team, and that’s a great feeling.

Ron like listening to full orchestral music, traditional jazz, Irish, and Blue Grass, he is also a keen film fan, where he cites his favourite actors as Anthony Hopkins, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman, his favourite film is Lord of the Rings.

Ron's favourite Neil Diamond songs - Songs of Life, I’ve Been This Way Before and Morningside.

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