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Neil Diamond is a name known all over the world, a record breaking recording artist and touring phenomenon. He has reached a status very few achieve, that of being a living legend, a man whose music is entrenched into popular culture and has been at the pinnacle of the music industry for over five decades …

But what of those people who have played an integral part in the Neil Diamond success story, those men and women who often go unsung, but who have contributed greatly to the music and career of Neil Diamond.

This feature will be looking at and recognising the talents of those people who have been as strong a fixture in the Neil Diamond story as Neil himself,

The Band ...

A collection of uniquely talented men and women that Neil himself would be first to pay tribute to.

Alan Lindgren was the longest serving member of the Neil Diamond band, up to his retirement from the band in 2015, he joined Neil way back in 1970/71, and became a prominent part of Neil’s band, being elevated to musical director, a hugely accomplished musician, capable of playing various instruments, including electric violin, Piano, and his famous “Moog” Synthesiser. He is a composer, and arranger, he has collaborated on many of Neil’s hits, as well as working with many other luminaries of the music industry, Frank Sinatra, Tina Turner, and Barbara Streisand to name a few,

Hailing from California, Alan was a graduate of the University of California’s school of music, aside from his long and illustrious association with Neil Diamond, Alan has composed film scores and recorded his own music, Alan has a great love of classical music, where he says he could immerse himself all day listening to his favourite composers.

I had the pleasure of meeting Alan a few years ago, in my home City of Manchester, England, prior to attending Neil’s concert the same evening, it was a chance encounter, where we shared some pleasantries, what struck me was how quietly spoken he was, he was tall, tanned and looked lean, and fit, and came across as a lovely guy, someone you could easily be friends with.

Alan has stated it has been a thrill working with Neil, a man who is wholly professional, and never does anything half-heartedly regarding his music,

His favourite Neil Diamond song is Cracklin’ Rosie, where he states, in his honest opinion, it is the perfect pop song.

It isn’t clear what Alan is doing since retiring from Neil’s band, possibly concentrating on his own projects, whatever he pursues, it has been a pleasure knowing him as a uniquely talented member of Neil Diamond’s wonderful band.


Yes, this is the real Alan Lindgren! The "Today Show" will mark my last appearance with Neil. I have decided that after 43 years, it's time to move on. This was a very difficult decision for me. After all, I've known my friend Neil longer than anyone else outside my immediate family. But since this is the fan site that so many of you turn to, I thought I would share my feelings with you. You are, without a doubt, the best, sweetest and most loyal fans on the planet. Always polite, always vocal, always there for Neil and the band. I will miss you. I remember vividly my first gig with Neil, at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. A skinny kid

(and yes, I'm still skinny!) barely 22 years old, awed by the spectacle of thousands of people gathered to hear one of the defining performers of this, or any other generation. The month at the Winter Garden in New York, and the singular series of shows at the Greek in Los Angeles set the stage for the rest of my career.

I miss terribly my old band-mates Dennis St. John, Richard Bennett, Dan Nicholson (a guitarist in my teenage band) and, of course, the irrepressible Jefferson Kewley. What fun we had! And it has been fun. To Tom, Doug, Ron, Hadley, Vince, Reinie, Linda and King - you guys will always be my band-mates and my oldest and dearest friends. How I will miss you! Next year, I'll look at the schedule from my home in LA, and think long and hard about you. I'll even miss bus call! But there is one person I've not yet mentioned - Neil. This wonderful man gave me my start in this business, and through the years has encouraged me as an arranger, a fellow songwriter, and finally, as Musical Director. His generosity of spirit will remain with me always. His band has been my life's work, and it has truly been time well spent. Please know that if circumstances were different, I would be there, on the stage, unsmiling

(got to work on that!) but having the time of my life. And you, dear fans, would be one of the big reasons for that! I love you all, and wish all of you the best seats in the house!


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