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Superstar Neil Diamond cruised into Woburn Abbey at the weekend, in a Rolls-Royce with black windows, by the time he left yesterday evening, he had given this stately home, it’s owners, the Marquis of Tavistock, and his Marchioness, and 55,000 fans, an experience they would never forget.

Coney Island born Neil Diamond conquered ancient Woburn Abbey at the weekend, and had his own personal standard run up on the flagpole.

Diamond’s rough, gritty voice, amplified massively through a spectacular sound system cried to the worshipful 55,000, “Oh Yes” their sea of arms waved in the sun, and their roar ruffled the leaves in the landscaped gardens, this was no ordinary pop concert, the popocracy, met the aristocracy.

The evening was warm and still, and the sun shining when Diamond hit the stage, he had, the hour before, a thrill few performers experience, from the Woburn windows he was able to watch his fans stream in.

Before darkness fell, and the vermillion sunset, two hot air balloons wafted by overhead, totally unconnected with the affair, but totally in order, then, darkness, the huge battery of coloured lights reflecting off the star’s sequined blue shirt and jewelled belt made Diamond appear like a firefly before the multitude.

In the warm glow, couples canoodled, their faces alight in rapture of the spectacle before them, the Beautiful Noises floated over the smiling, peaceful people, and when it was done, they got into their cars and drove home with happy hearts.

Neil Diamond had succeeded in proving he can mix quite easily with England’s aristocracy, with his own air of class, and a style that looked right at home on Woburn’s ancient lawns.

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