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In lieu of Neil Diamond’s recent retirement from “Live Touring” this series is going to look at some of Neil Diamond’s most memorable concert performances from around the world.

This is an opportunity to celebrate the “Live” career of this iconic music legend. There will be live cuts from the featured performance, and maybe an accompanying video, all in all this will be a tribute to a man who has given us some of the most memorable “Live” concerts by any artiste or band.

Neil Diamond’s performing career began over fifty years ago, so there is plenty of material to revisit, from his earliest beginnings right up to his final performances in England as part of his hugely acclaimed 50th Anniversary World Tour.

Some of the featured performances may not have video footage included, but I/we will strive to provide an immersive and entertaining addition to our website, as we truly believe that Neil Diamond’s “Live” career needs due, and rightful recognition.

So, sit back and enjoy... NEIL DIAMOND “LIVE”....

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