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Happy Birthday to the SOLITARY MAN                     

All the best from one of your fans                             

Hope it’s filled with BEAUTIFUL NOISES and song  

And a few other tunes we can all sing along         

And a wish all the fun lasts for hours and hours    

And that your lovely wife Katie does BRING YOU FLOWERS


Enjoy your Birthday, and all that it means                                         

Kickback, and relax, FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS                               

And when evening falls, towards the end of the day                         

Open a bottle of CRACKLIN’ ROSÉ


Before I go, one thing more, it was nice to say HELLO AGAIN       

On your Anniversary Tour


Happy Birthday Neil, and I hope it’s all merry                               

Good luck, and cheers, and thanks... CHERRY CHERRY

BORN:  24th JANUARY 1941

This week will see the birthday of music legend Neil Diamond, where he will celebrate his 77th year, and also his 52nd year as a performer, where he will soon embark on the Australian leg of his hugely successful “50th Anniversary World Tour” which began early 2017. 

It is remarkable that Neil Diamond is still able to travel the globe and present his fabulous show to his adoring audiences, particularly as many younger artistes and bands have been and gone, and yet Neil Diamond remains a constant in the music landscape.

Age has been kind to Neil Diamond, where he must share the same genes as his dear mother, who will hopefully celebrate her 100th Birthday this year.


Neil Diamond looks in fine fettle, okay, he looks a little rough round the edges, (but so would I at 77), but he has retained his energy and a zest for life, and still enjoys what he does. 


I remember reading a quote from Neil, where he stated he will sing for as long as he is able, and perform into his mid-eighties, I think he mentioned 83, I am not sure if that particular age has any specific attachment or significance to it, but it appears that Neil is on course to fulfil that prediction. 


Neil Diamond is adored Worldwide, and I am sure I am not alone in wishing him a most happy Birthday, and raise a glass and thank him for all he has given us, his fans, and to the music industry as a whole.

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