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Welcome Diamond devotees, this newest series will be looking at many of Neil Diamond’s albums, not necessarily greatest hits compilations, but those albums that were well received but not regarded as hit albums, however, many of the selected albums feature some fabulous songs, which in my opinion should have been smashes, where

I believe it was only due to the ever changing musical trends which prevented them from being hits.


I don’t think there is another artist that has such a polarising effect on music fans as Neil Diamond, and yet he is still well worth following, because he remains one of the few truly great classic songwriters of his era, still making often incredible music.


As a fan of Neil Diamond myself, I find much of his music heavenly, I own every album he has recorded, and never tire of listening, as one would with many other artistes, such is the breadth of his work, and Neil’s innate ability to tap into many moods, via his immeasurable talents as a songwriter, his interpretive skills cannot be understated neither.


With each album featured in this series, I will include at least one track from the selected album, which hopefully showcases the quality of the work contained, my choice may not be everyone else’s choice, which makes this task immense, but not impossible, whatever happens, I sincerely hope it provides a source of great enjoyment and information, not to mention listening pleasure. - Dave Radstock

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